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Support Staff


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Room 34

ISP 3-5 


Lou Flores  

Room 34



Elisa Jennings  

Speech Pathologist



Dawn Foote  

School Psychologist








Monica Nguyen School Psychologist Resources

Special Education Counselor




Shayla Castello  




Angela Hulstrom   

Instructional Coach/

Intervention and EL Coordinator


Nancy Carlson  










Timothy Sain  



Kim Griffith-Fraley  

Computers 4-5






Patty Barbosa Mrs. Barbosa's Webpage

Computers TK-3


Lisa Melendez  






Diana Zavala  

Instructional Aide


Mrs. Smith



Instructional Aide


Mrs. Kent  

Instructional Aide





Mrs. Iacovoni





Instructional Aide


Mrs. Hou  

Instructional Aide




Mrs. Hyland  

Instructional Aide



Mrs. Pitter  

Intervention Aide





Mrs. Erickson




Intervention Aide



Mrs. Krey





Food Service Coordinator





Mrs. Carmen Lomeli



Food Service Assistant





Mrs. Ginger 




Day Custodian





Ms. Teri Cruz






Night Custodian






Mr. Isaul Cortez  

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