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Ron Nunn School- Home of the Eagles

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10/2-10/13: Fall Break No School 
10/16:  Welcome Back!

10/18:  Make Up Picture Day

10/18: Parent Engagement Night 6-8 pm (Childcare provided!)

10/19: Kinder All together day - Kinder Field Trip to Smith Farms

10/20:  Movie in the Quad Wizard of Oz@ 6 pm

10/23:  Safety Club for Parents/Guardians @ 3:30

10/24-10/27:  Boo Grams on sale at lunch

10/26: 2nd grade field trip to El Campanil

10/27: Spirit Day-  Harvest Hoedown- Wear Country/ Farm Attire to School!

10/27:  Harvest Festival 5:30-8:00 pm

10/31:  TK/Kinder All Together Day

10/31:  Halloween Parade @ 8:30 am

11/1: No School- Staff Development Day

11/3:  CPR Assemblies

11/4:  BUSD Education Foundation Hoedown





Superhero Fun Run

An EPIC Success! 

Thank you to those who participated in the Superhero Fun Run!  


All pledge money is due by Thursday, Sept. 28, 2017!  Thank you for your amazing support of our school!


Top earning class = pizza party


Top earning student = two hours of Rockin’ Jump for two


Movie in the Quad- Wizard of Oz


October 20, 2017 

6-8 pm

Movie in the Quad Order Form

Pizza and Movie Pre-Orders due Friday, Sept. 29, 2017

Family Engagement Night



Attention Ron Nunn Parents & Guardians


Family Engagement Night


Wednesday, October 18, 2017




**Two Sessions of one hour in length each

Emotional Regulation Support:  Zones of Emotional Regulation

Understand the Zones of Regulation and how to foster coping skills
 to teach our children self regulation and emotional control.

Technology Support & Access:
How to access Canvas, Parent Connect, Connect Ed Language Arts Program, Pearson Math program.  


Learn ways to support your child’s academic achievement and development through these technology platforms. 

***Childcare will be provided***

***Light Refreshments will be provided***


Ron Nunn Parent/Guardian Survey


We would like your feedback on our school climate and how we can better serve our school community.  Please take a few minutes to complete this survey.  We greatly appreciate your feedback!



Ron Nunn Parent Survey 2017-18


Class Link Parent and Student Access

Log into Class Link for Student Access to 

* Google Account

* Connect Ed (Language Arts online)

* Pearson Easy Bridge (Math online)




Chillin' & Grillin'

A Relaxing Event at Ron Nunn School


On Sept. 8, our Ron Nunn families gathered to have a night of fun and community building at our Chillin' and Grillin'.  Brentwood Rotary donated hot dogs, Bristow and Interact Clubs helped run fun activities.  A great time was had by all.  Thank you to our wonderful community in making this event successful. 



Reminder for our Procedures:

The ultimate goal of our procedures is to ensure all students are safe in their travels to school and have a safe, positive learning environment.  We greatly appreciate everyone who follows these procedures safely on a daily basis. We ask that staff members and families model appropriate and safe behavior at all times. CPR is the Lifeline of Ron Nunn School, and we ask all in our community to show Cooperation, Participation, and Respect when on the Ron Nunn campus.  

Please take a moment to thoroughly review our Student/Parent Handbook and the following reminders with your family.

  • Please note our campus opens at 7:45 every morning, allowing a 30-minute window of opportunity to drop off your students in the morning. School begins promptly at 8:00 for our early bird TK/Kindergarten and 8:15 for 1st – 5th grade students. Please ensure students are here and ready to learn every day at the start of school.
  • Our gates open at 7:45 am.  There is no supervision prior to this, please arrange for drop off on or after 7:45 am.
  • Due to no supervision on the yard prior to 8:00, please remind all students arriving before 8:00 to report, directly to the lunch tables. At the 8:00 bell, all students are expected to drop off their backpacks at their class and head directly to the yard. All 1st-5th grade students and parents will report to the playground at the 8:00 bell and remain on the playground until school begins. Parents should say their goodbyes to their student at the playground at the 8:12 bell. No students are allowed in the halls before school and during recesses.
  • Please be sure to keep an eye out for our students as you near and enter our school by vehicle.
  • Parents, please remind your students who walk or ride to school to be safe and abide by the rules, such as utilizing bike lanes when possible and using crosswalks.
  • Please pull forward as far as possible in the loop when dropping off or picking up your students.
  • Please never leave your car unattended in the pick-up loop. It is a rolling loop to drop off/pick up and go.
  • Children should be prepared to enter/exit car in the loop.
  • Please don’t ask your children to run across the street or meet you in a different spot. Please use the crosswalks at all times.  Students may either be picked up in the loop or in person by an adult walking to pick them up. Please don’t use the Kindergarten loop for older students. Only parents with Kindergarten students are allowed to use that loop.
  • Please help support the safety of all children by being aware, courteous, and notifying us of any unsafe situations.

Ron Nunn Eagles View the 2017 Solar Eclipse safely! 

Thank you to Mr. Zichil for bringing your telescope with solar filter for students to view, Mr. Logan former employee of the Monterey Institute for Research and Astronomy for sharing about solar eclipse with students as well as the parents and staff who provided safety eclipse glasses, pinhole boxes and pinhole cards for viewing.  What an amazing experience for all students!  



4th and 5th grade Students Preparing for Solar Eclipse

How to view the eclipse safely  


Great websites for students to learn about the eclipse and how to keep their eyes safe while viewing this amazing event


Students at Ron Nunn School will be participating in viewing the eclipse with eye safety as the first and foremost priority.


Some classes will use safety glasses


Some classes will use pinhole boxes and/or pinhole cards


Some classes will view live stream.  


Here are other websites for your reference:








After School Classes Begin August 28, 2017


Be sure to register your child for after school classes through the Delta Education Foundation.  

Login at tdef.org to register your child for the various classes offered after school.  

Yearbook Information



Capture all of the moments from this school year!  Purchase a yearbook as a keepsake.  Create your account on Tree Ring to make our Ron Nunn Yearbook a special memory for your child.


Tree Ring Information:


Website:  https://www.treering.com/yearbook
Ron Nunn code: 1013402889792205



5th Grade Band Petting Zoo

5th grade students are testing out instruments this week as Band begins before school on Mondays and Tuesdays



New Play Structure  for Ron Nunn School

Ron Nunn School received a new play structure and synthetic turf with the funds from Measure B this summer!  This state of the art All-Access Play Structure is a model for other school sites. Thank you to our Measure B funds for providing a safer, all access playground for our students!


Ron Nunn Parent's Club Board


Get Involved and Engaged in our Learning Community!

We need your support.  


President:  Lauren Campbell

Vice President:  OPEN

Treasurers:  Selena Flores and Carlee Lopez

Secretary:  Kathy Roberts

Fundraising: Joy Hepworth and Colby Scott

Publicity:  Alexis Hyland

Room Rep Coordinators:  Sarah Amerino

Hospitality:  Tiffany Mekeres

Volunteer Coordinator:  Open

Historian:  Letti Smithwick


VIP Positions:

Marquee: Danielle Kralj

Delta Education Foundation Coordinator:  Reagan Franklin


Loop Reminders- Show  CPR:  Cooperation, Participation, and Respect!


Follow us on Twitter @rnseagles


School Attendance Is the Key to Success
Your child’s attendance is directly related to their academic success at school. Tardiness to school causes your child to miss instruction and disrupts the rest of the class. It is nearly impossible to replace the key first instruction that a child misses when he/she is absent. Additionally, Brentwood Union School District receives a significant portion of its funding based upon student attendance. The district will only receive funding when children are in school. Students absent from school for any reason will not receive funding. It is critical that your child attend school regularly and be on time for class every day. 


Going Somewhere? Site Based Independent Study
If your family is planning to leave for 5-20 days, resulting in your child missing school, your child is eligible for Site-Based Independent Study (SBIS). While there is no substitute for being in the classroom setting, SBIS provides your child the necessary work to keep pace with what their peers are doing in class. It also counts as an excused absence and the school receives funding as if your child was actually in school. Please inform your child’s teacher or notify the office early if you plan to have your child out for a period of 5-20 days. 


Leave your Mark on Ron Nunn

If you missed out on buying a commemorative brick last year, you are in luck!  Our Mary's Garden Brick Fundraiser has been extended to August 31st.  Bricks are 4" x 8" and cost $85.  




Brick Order Form Link

Buddy Bench- A Friendly Idea


Ron Nunn School's Bella and Sophia thought that they would like a Buddy Bench at Ron Nunn School.  They said the Buddy Bench will allow for students that did not have friends or those that wanted to make new friends to have a way of doing so.  The way it works is if you want to make a new friend or are feeling lonely, sit on the buddy bench.  All students, especially those on Buddy Patrol, will come and ask you to play or talk with that student.  It is a way for Ron Nunn Eagles to continue to spread kindness even on the playground.  It has been a great success in the first month of inception.  Way to show Cooperation, Participation, and Respect Eagles!

Buddy Bench.jpg


Every School Day Counts!  Ron Nunn School Attendance Goal: 97.4%


In 2016-17 our attendance rate was 96.6%  That resulted in a loss of $146,414.52 in Ron Nunn School Funding.   It also resulted in a great loss of instruction for many children!  

Did You Know?  
•    Attendance Gaps lead to Achievement Gaps!
•    Good attendance in Pre K & K builds academic & social skills for the future
•    Kids who are chronically absent (miss 18 + days) in Pre K & K have only 18% chance to be proficient readers in 3rd Grade. 
•    Kids who miss 10 days in K and 1st grade have 35% chance to be proficient reader in 3rd grade.   
•    75% of students who are chronically absent (miss 18 + days) in 6th grade will dropout of high school.
•    School Attendance is Habit Forming!
•    When you come to school on time, your day starts smooth, your classroom routine is smooth and your day starts off better.  
•    You can learn more when you are not stressed in the morning.
•    Start good habits at home like waking up with alarm, same routine, eat breakfast,  and your day will go better 

Attendance PPT.pptx

Brentwood School District Wellness Guidelines state:
Due to allergy concerns, it is strongly recommended to use only commercially prepared food items (ingredients are listed on packaging).

For everyone's safety, it is a school expectation that any treats for birthday or holiday celebrations for students include only commercially prepared items with ingredients listed on the package. 

Our School recommends alternatives to food for holiday celebrations including learning games or other activities to celebrate students.

Thank you for your cooperation in this effort.  Our goal is to keep all students safe and model healthy food choices.  If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Wallace.

Please click on the Cyber Safety Link to review the various safety measures with your children in using the Internet and Social Media.  


Cyber Safety Link 



Pay for field trip donation here!

You will need

your student's ID number